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Solvent Dyes-Powder


Brand Name. Common Trade Name. C.I. No. C.I. Name. CAS No.
KOHINOORVENT® YELLOW AC2 Oil Yellow AM 11020 Solvent Yellow 2 CAS 60-11-7
KOHINOORVENT® YELLOW AC14 Oil Orange SC 12055 Solvent Yellow 14 CAS 842-07-9
KOHINOORVENT® YELLOW K2 Auramine "O" Base 41000:1 Solvent Yellow 34 CAS 492-80-8
KOHINOORVENT® VIOLET K1 Methyl Violet Base 42535:1 Solvent Violet 8 CAS 67989-22-4
KOHINOORVENT® VIOLET K9 Crystal Violet Base 42555:1 Solvent Violet 9 CAS 467-63-0
KOHINOORVENT® ORANGE DK Solvent Orange DK 12150 Solvent Red 1 CAS 1229-55-6
KOHINOORVENT® RED R Oil Red R 26105 Solvent Red 24 CAS 85-83-6
KOHINOORVENT® SCARLET R Oil Scarlet R 26100 Solvent Red 23 CAS 85-86-9
KOHINOORVENT® RED K9 Rhodmine B Base 45170:1 Solvent Red 49 CAS 509-34-2
KOHINOORVENT® BLUE K4 Victoria Blue B Base 45045:1 Solvent Blue 4 CAS 6786-83-0
KOHINOORVENT® ORANGE D2 Crysodine Y Base 11270:1 Solvent Orange 3 CAS 495-45-5
KOHINOORVENT® BROWN AC1 Oil Brown AC1 - Solvent Brown 1 CAS -
KOHINOORVENT® dyestuffs are recommend for coloration of Petroleum products, Lubricating oils, use in Ink, Paraffin Wax, etc….