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Food Color


Brand Name. Common Trade Name. C.I. No. Food Color No. CAS No.
Tartrazine Tartrazine 19140 Yellow 4 CAS 1934-21-0
Sunset Yellow FCF Sunset Yellow 15985 Yellow 3 CAS 2783-94-0
Ponceau 4R Ponceau 4R 16255 Red 7 CAS 5567-15-7
Amaranth Amaranth 16185 Red 9 CAS 915-67-3
Allura Red Allura Red 16035 Red 17 CAS 25956-17-6
Brilliant Blue FCF Brilliant Blue FCF 42090 Blue 2 CAS 2650-18-2
Application Of Food Colors - Primary food colors being easily soluble in water has wide application like in Foodstuff, Beverages, Animal feeds etc..